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You must take action to make it happen

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 in response to positive thoughts...   Awesome Job! Yea, it might take that much time but you did not give up. I love hearing stories like this. I've learned that when you believe in yourself. Things happen for yourself.

Good job! Have a great Easter! Keep me posted of the positive change and life that you are having.
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positive thoughts
Hello, I enjoyed reading this post of yours. Yes I agree take action. Before I found a job in which am working alot of hours and am enjoying it very much I personally have taken action in finding work. Each and everyday been putting out resume's even at one point had my resume changed as well. It took me thirteen months of being out of work in finding a job. Personally it took alot of prayers too. My church put me on a prayer chain and I must say I believe in the power of prayer. After so many resumes out there to like well over 150 out there and after the prayers went out on my behalf about 4 days later I landed a job that I enjoy very much.
Have a wonderful day and weekend Happy Easter
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