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You must take action to make it happen

ricardog started this conversation
One of the key elements that I have learned in getting my act together is trying to figure out why I keep having the same problems over and over again. Why do I not get what I want out of life? So I did a lot of soul searching and I found one thing that is missing. I need to take action. I would not do it and that is why things would never change for me. Action is the key to everything in your life, so I learned.

Times are hard and not matter what, you still have to pay the rent and buy gas for your car or even find food to eat for the day. But the only way that can happen is that if you take action.

Taking action now will help you get those things in order. Taking action now will help you achieve that goal that you have been searching for. Taking action now is what makes you the real person that you want to be and get what you need.

I keep hearing from a lot of people. I can’t find a job. Let me ask this, what kind of action have you taken to get that job? Where have you looked, so you can find the job? I also hear from people that I can’t find money to pay the rent. But what kind of action have you taken to get the rent money together? What are you doing to work hard to finding the rent money? I also hear, it’s so hard to do thing? What kind of action are you doing to get out of that thinking? What are you doing to see another way of doing it?

Look, I know that some people have a lot of problems with this concept. I know that at time you just want to sit there and wish for the best. I understand that. But if you don’t take the action that you need to do it. How is it going to happen? How are you going to make things work for you? How are you going to move forward? Taking action is what is going to get you to the next step in your life. You must do this for yourself and you must do it now.

There is a saying that I’m sure all of us have heard from time to time. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.” Why is that? The horse needs to take action. Sooner or later the horse’s thrust will get to him and he is going to have to do something about it. So until the horse takes ACTION, he will not be able to quince his thrust. Get it!

So as you go about your day and week and month, you need to see that action is what is the key element that is going to get you there. Action is what will make it right. Action is what makes life better for you. So my friends, please, please take action and see what kind of out come will come from that, until next time. Remember to take Action! Now!
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 in response to positive thoughts...   Awesome Job! Yea, it might take that much time but you did not give up. I love hearing stories like this. I've learned that when you believe in yourself. Things happen for yourself.

Good job! Have a great Easter! Keep me posted of the positive change and life that you are having.
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positive thoughts
Hello, I enjoyed reading this post of yours. Yes I agree take action. Before I found a job in which am working alot of hours and am enjoying it very much I personally have taken action in finding work. Each and everyday been putting out resume's even at one point had my resume changed as well. It took me thirteen months of being out of work in finding a job. Personally it took alot of prayers too. My church put me on a prayer chain and I must say I believe in the power of prayer. After so many resumes out there to like well over 150 out there and after the prayers went out on my behalf about 4 days later I landed a job that I enjoy very much.
Have a wonderful day and weekend Happy Easter
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